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By releasing Emotional Baggage we can also become successful in decreasing the pain levels in the Mind/Body. The Conscious mind and the Subconscious mind, when they are not working together can cause internal conflict, which means that we can struggle tasks on a daily basis. When we release Trapped Emotions and align the Conscious mind and the Subconscious mind, we can become more at ease within ourselves, we may become more productive and efficient, and have a more harmonious balance in our life. It is essential to reduce the painful stressful levels that we encounter as stress is the number one killer in our society.

Learning to release Trapped Emotions, we may enhance our lives greatly and it is extremely empowering, as it can give us the flexibility to have a wonderful flow throughout our day instead of feeling that we are swimming against the tide and going nowhere. Trapped emotion can inhibit us from not accomplishing tasks the we set ourselves and also can drain our energy and vitality.

Our body has an incredible intelligence and knows what to do to heal itself. When we learn more of how our body works and can assist the healing process then we have the ability to heal faster, become stronger and the quality of our life may increase. Restoring peace and harmony in the Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind can be liberating when using the Emotion Code.

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