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In March 2013 I was privileged to include Marian Egan as one of my guest speakers on my Formula4 Success LIVE event in Dublin.

Marian was there not only to do a presentation on Heart Art and share its benefits but also on the evening on the first day we ran a Heart Art Workshop.

To say that attendees were blown away would be an understatement. The workshop  in particular was eye opening for so many attendees in what it revealed to them and having Marian there to discuss their feelings and what appeared on the canvass made it both a memorable and an enlightening experience.

On a post event survey we ran with attendees the Heart Art Workshop was the highlight for the majority which speaks volumes for the power it has.

Marian is an incredible teacher and facilitator of Heart Art and being able to come from a place of  sharing her own personal experience as well as explaining the theoretical background and benefits is an invaluable combo for attendees.

The majority of our attendees at Formula 4 Success Live are entrepreneurs and business people and any company looking at finding a different angle at boosting productivity, improving company culture and positively impacting the lives of their employees as a result, need to hire Marian Egan and experience Heart Art Magic.

Dave Sheahan High Performance Coach & Founder of “Formula 4 Success”

My Name is Declan Dore from Kilcornan Co Limerick Ireland

I attended a Formula 4 Success Workshop with Mr. Dave Sheahan in The Red Cow Hotel in March 2013

Marian Egan from Transformation Health Clinic was one of the presenters at this event. Her presentation during that day was quite interesting and motivational.

When we re-grouped after dinner on the Saturday evening, Dave Sheahan announced that Marian was going to do a Heart Art Magic Programme for the next 3 hours.

This was not something that I expected as I have never done anything like this and to me seemed strange. A good few of the attendees I spoke too felt the same but I have known Dave Sheahan for a long time and I trusted that he would not have a presenter on his programme unless there was a good reason for doing so.

I decided to go with the programme, and got stuck in with Marian’s directions and explanations. Once I started painting, I got lost in the process and found that I really went into the feeling of the painting and let myself go, in a way that I still cannot describe.

It was an amazing experience as I have never done painting like this before apart from when I was a young child and just painted everywhere including my Moms walls!!!.

I felt LIGHTER within myself. I could not believe my eyes when I was finished that I actually done this. The crazy thing for me personally was I could see what I had painted very clearly after I was done. At the time it was looking like a big mess but now I have the 3 pictures framed and up in my office wall as they provide me with great clarity on what it is I do on a daily basis and why I do it.

I would find it hard to explain why this happened but one thing I do know is it felt really good. I also noticed that when I went back to work I was still feeling the release I experienced after the painting session.

Now, when I want to feel this feeling again, I just look at the paintings I painted and I experience this lightness and freedom all over again.

I would highly recommend Heart Art Magic Programme to any businessman or woman who would like to improve the home/work life balance as this for sure has done it for me.

Thank you very much Marian for taking the time to do this with me and the group of people which attended.

Warm regards,

Declan Dore


Heart Art Magic is exactly that “MAGIC”. I have no previous experience in Art.

I would often look at people who could draw or paint and say “its well for them to be able to be so creative, but I couldn’t do that”.

Well, through ‘Heart Art Magic’, I have found that I can be creative. Throughout the workshop I was able to take myself out of my head and allow my creativity to flow.

I felt calm, peaceful and fully alive. The feeling and touch of paint in my hands was amazing. What was even more amazing was what I produced.

I got totally lost in it. I felt alive from the inside. It allowed me to connect with a part of myself that I didn’t know was there.

Thank you, Marian, for opening this door to me that is PURE MAGIC. I look forward to the next workshop.



I had heard Marian talk about Heart Art and thought it would be a lovely thing to do so when I discovered that she was presenting a day on Heart Art Magic I signed up immediately.

I had “dabbled” with a few attempts at painting before but really had to be led – nothing came spontaneously.  The thought of letting my heart lead me to “see” what might come out seemed so freeing and exciting.

On the day I just followed my instinct both in choosing the colours and putting them to paper.

I was amazed with the result. Since the day,  I have seen aspects of the paintings that were not visible to me on the day. I know that there is still more to discover in them.

One of the things that made the day so wonderful was the freedom that Marian gave us to use as much paint and paper as we felt guided to. I was like a child in a toyshop.

I will never look at a painting with the same eyes again – like real artists paint from within.

Thank you Marian.



I want to thank you again for the Heart Art workshop. I enjoyed the day.

I did not know what to expect when I drove up from Wexford but the warm welcome and lovely surroundings enabled me to relax and be open to explore through painting,  my assumptions about my life’ progress.

The days’ easy going overview of what has been  successfully lived through was a great way to rediscover the courage to confidently face current challenges! So glad I able to attend! Keep up the good work!

Best Wishes

Patti Ellen

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