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Your body has the answer to your health problem. Kinesiology allows me to find the Solution….

Kinesiology is a non invasive way of finding imbalances in the Brain and Body. By muscle testing it is possible to find what I call ‘Blockages’ in the Physical, Emotional, and Mental body. Remove the ‘Blockage’ and restore the natural flow to the electrical system in the body.

‘Switched on’ or ‘Switched off’ effect. ‘Blocked’ or ‘un-Blocked’. When the Brain/Body is un-blocked the ability to function in an easy, effective, efficient manner is restored.

When the STRESS is removed (using Kinesiology or Educational Kinesiology ) the natural energetic flow is returned.

Benefits of Kinesiology

Nutritional deficiencies and excesses



Fatigue, lethargy

Emotional issues

Stress management

Learning difficulties

Better concentration and focus

Improved posture

Co-ordination and flexibility

Pain management

Past trauma, fears and phobias


Self perception enhancement

Weight control

Physical injury

Energy maintenance

Goal setting

Sports Performance

…And much more

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