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Juice Plus+ contains the essence of 26 Fruit Vegetables and Berries in capsule form with 34 Independent Medical Published Journals to prove that it works. It helps to “Fuel” the Body to Repair.

Started back in 1993 it now has 34 Independent Medical  Journals showing that Juice Plus Supports:

Bioavailability – gets into the bloodstream and is absorbed by the body

Increases Antioxidants -which

decreases the Oxidative Stress in the body

Boosts the immune System

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Improves Skin Health and Hydration

Helps Weight Management – under and overweight – Balances the Body

Sports Recovery is faster – personal bests improve

The Children’s Health Study shows the important improvements that Children have more energy,

Children drink more water –

Consume less fizzy drinks

Eat more Fruit and Vegetables

Drink more water

Less Doctor visits

Less school days missed

Increased athletic participation in sports

Improvement in academic performance

Juice Plus is FREE for Children on the Children’s Health Study. Soft chewables for age 4 to age 12 and Capsules from age 13 to age 21. Ideal  way to ensure you give 5 a day the easy way.

Some of Benefits of Juice Plus;

Improved energy

Better sleep pattern

Anti aging effect

Improved circulation

Detoxes the Body etc…..

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