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Meditation and spontaneous Painting from the Subconscious allowing
Head and Heart to work in Harmony together

Heart Art ‘Magic’ is painting from the subconscious, Meditation and Art combined helps get in touch with your ‘inner’ thoughts allowing you to express what you are really feeling.  It can bring forth the feeling so that you can look at how that ‘feeling’ is affecting your life.

The ‘Magic’ is an acronym for My Ability To Go Into my Centre


Ability to


Into my


Taking the time to ‘connect’ to how you are ‘feeling’ and then going into the painting process allows the process to mirror and express your feelings.  When that expression is on paper, you no longer HOLD the feeling in your body, hence the release and letting go process.

The release experienced differs each time a painting is completed. Layers of suppression are released in this easy, enjoyable way. Suppression leads to depression and this is why some people find life difficult to cope with on a daily basis. Spontaneous creative expression helps to connect to our inner feelings and helps to transform emotions which can set us free. It is truly a FUN way to  express how you  are feeling. Heart Art is truly Magic. Head and Heart Harmony.

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