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Awareness is the Key to Freedom
Become aware of what is happening in your body by noticing how you are feeling. Your thoughts determine how you feel, which in turn creates actions and actions produce results.
Notice how the muscles in your neck feel right now. Are they tense? Can you bring your awareness to this area and allow them to loosen a little more?
Can you feel your back being supported by the chair? How do your feet feel as you notice them touching the floor?
Learn to observe your body and observe how you are thinking. It takes time and we are so busy in our day that we seldom remember to do this exercise. Notice how your body is the next time you are travelling in a vehicle, whether you are the driver or the passenger. Notice how tense you become when you are stuck in traffic or even in the chair from home working long hours or playing in your favorite online gaming website like elitist-gaming.com, because we know this is one of the things most people do to enjoy their time. This is a good time to allow tense muscles to loosen and gives you a productive exercise that you can benefit from. You will feel better and you are not wasting time.
“What am I thinking”? WAIT
Remember your thoughts will stimulate your feelings. If you are feeling energised and motivated your actions will be likewise, which will result in a productive outcome.
If your thoughts are feeling under par, your feelings will reflect your thoughts and maybe no action will happen. Negative thoughts – less action, fewer results.
Living in awareness will help you in a lot of ways. Become more aware of your physical body, how you are emotionally and mentally. This is your starting point today. You may think you do not have time for this, but, if you ignore how you feel, your body will give you the opportunity to take “time out” so that your body can heal itself.
No food supplement or drug heals the body. Your body speaks, your body heals. Listen to it. Become aware of what it is attempting to convey to you today. Don’t wait until you become ill, it is much harder and takes longer to get back on the road to wellness.
If your body is not healthy, where else are you going to live?

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